A coastal city found on several maps, that can serve as a valuable central location to orient yourself around. It is found on both the BHAM Map and Bellevue Map, and is east of Seattle. A bridge over the oceanic bay links Bellevue to the the island containing the Seattle Memorial.

The Totem Lake Malltower and corresponding artefact are located in the northern region of Bellevue or perhaps slightly north of Bellevue, in what seems to be Kirkland. With that said, Kirkland is not distinguished on any of the maps.

In Triya 10, Triya reveals that Bellevue was home to the Reach Enclave, where government matters and Beacon technology were studied.

Bellevue 2
Bellevue 3
Bellevue 4
Bellevue 5
Bellevue 6
Bellevue 7
Bellevue 8
Bellevue 9

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