Cultist 12
Series Name Cultist
Tags Cultist
Cultist 11 - Cultist 13

Transcript Edit

Even though I'm grounded, Jon Saint-Pierre still found a way to contact me. He told me I don't have to do what they say because I'm too smart and mature for them to be treating me like a child, and he's right. He told me I can come to his house and stay there as long as I want, and so I think I'm going to sneak out tomorrow night.

Rue keeps trying to talk to me, but I'll never talk to her again. Jon Saint-pierre said that she stopped going to the meetings. I should have known she didn't really believe.

I haven't had any nuvene in three days, and well, Jon Saint-Pierre will have some tomorrow night. I know he'll give me some because he says he thinks I'm even more beautiful when I'm high. He says he thinks he can talk to God when he's high.

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