Operation: To Fashion Eidolons
The ostent evanescent,
The substance of an artist's mood or savan's studies long,
Or warrior's, martyr's, hero's toils,
To fashion his eidolon.


This project is intended to be a jumping-off point for users looking to contribute to the Eidolon Wiki. There are several things that would be useful in the expansion and refinement of wiki content, but there hasn't been a list of what needs to be done or a source of ideas to work on... until now. The aim of Operation: To Fashion Eidolons (O:TFE), is to provide that list and source of ideas and to eventually exhaust that list.


  • Complete the Timeline.
    • Order the artifacts in as chronological a list as possible.
  • Create pages for important locations (Bellevue, Victoria, etc.).
  • Create pages for important characters and organizations (Father Jerome, Triya, Mission Biotech, Reach, the Sennin, etc.).
  • Create pages for important things (Beacons).
  • Make sure links are made for all these new pages.
  • Expand image pages to include information on where they are found (optional) and, more importantly, what they depict.
  • Identify all Stub Pages.
    • Expand all Stub Pages.
  • Empty the Wanted Pages List.

To be expanded...


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