This article is about the poem. You may be looking for the game.

Eidolons is a poem by American poet Walt Whitman.

About the PoemEdit

Published as part of Walt Whitman's celebrated collection Leaves of Grass, the poem recounts the advice of a seer for the poet to reflect in his work the forms and true realities of the world: eidolons. It also comments on the unified nature of the physical world and our own mental/spiritual selves in the shared reality of "eidolons." Eidolon is a Greek word meaning "form," "spirit," or "apparition."

In the GameEdit

When the player sleeps to relieve exhaustion, they are shown a random stanza from the poem. In consideration of the gathering of many stories from many people in order to understand the events that created the world, the poem underlines how each of the persons whose viewpoints are read shaped the events in the recounted history. While some played smaller or larger parts, each contributed their selves (their eidolon it might be said) to the whole (the "round, full-orb'd eidolon" of the poem).


  • The full text of the poem can be found at the Gutenberg Project here.

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