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Been working as a medic now 12 odd years. I started out after tech school at a blood bank, cleaning spills, stocking supplies, then later getting to handle the people and the blood they sold. Lots of them were junkies so we were always screening and testing it. It was all usable, but they definitely got less cash. After that, I went back to school for a little while to be a medic. I could've gotten into research, like in the high brow of the medical science, but I liked working with the people, if that makes sense. After beacons went up, medicine split into two main bits. My side deals with the plebeian, the poor folks that get their hand smashed or legs lacerated, emergency stuff. The other side went high level and went on to advance research in things like genes, and such, which frankly, I don't know much about at this point.

So now, I fix people. Lots of times it's accidents, lots of times its botched modifications that folks are tryin to do to each other. Some people think they're really invincible with the stuff they get up to. Have to re-break and set a lot of bones, transfuse a lot of blood.

Today for instance, the boss and I responded to a call where a young girl had thrown herself off one of the malls. Her friends scattered when the police tried to round them up for questioning, and the girl herself didn't speak at all about it when she came to. Real pleased with herself, that one. We discharged her pretty quick, but she needed some blood and her pelvis and femur reset. It was a complete waste of time for us and hopefully not too many people start tryin to get into that habit. The look on her face though, it was as if everything was coming together, as if she knew something that we didn't. Unsettling.