Elspeth 11
Series Name Elspeth
Tags Beacons, Elspeth, The Fall
Elspeth 10 - Elspeth 12

Transcript Edit

Well, things took a bad turn today around eleven. Our truck shut off and we're on foot.

Boss and Grin and I were pretty surprised when the interior lights started flashin and on the nav screen was Director Moses. She says she's got orders to shut us down remotely, says we're betraying Evergreen and fleet. Says to come back home. She told us that another team did the same as us and left, and they're on their way back with no questions asked. Says the city's trying to get the beacon up and running, with rumor that we'll get support from the capital soon. She says we'll die out here.

I look at boss, her face set like stone, sitting up real straight with her hands gripping the wheel real tight. "I've seen enough, done enough. You all are dead anyway. We all are. If I'm going to die, I'd rather it be somewhere nice and quiet."

Director Moses says she's sorry and lets us know she's going to put in the override. The lights go off, the dials droop, and we eventually glide to a stop.

So, now we're on foot. Things aren't going as planned and boss isn't doing much talking. I'm trying to stay positive and out of the way. We got some bed rolls, quite a bit of food, mostly prefab stuff, some first aid supplies, antibiotics, water, and some other stuff. We pushed the truck off the road and locked it so that...well, I don't know why. Grin's got her pack too with food and a blanket. We've made camp now and I'm preparing for an uneasy night.