Elspeth 12
Series Name Elspeth
Tags Elspeth, The Fall
Elspeth 11 - Elspeth 13

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Stopped for lunch. It's been 2 days since we left our homes and our jobs. Boss and I are both dead tired. Tired of walking, tired of our sore bodies and feet. Grin is definitely less chipper as well, mostly trailing behind us instead of running around and circling back. We've just passed old Everett. THings out here are pretty strange, but real beautiful. (I've never seen so many bugs!) So much green, so much sky. There's other travelers out here too, but boss says she'd feel easier if we kept to ourselves and didn't trust strange folk. They've seemed like harmless folk, and usually less prepared than us, sometimes with children, but I guess I see her point.

Been travelling mostly on dilapidated side roads, neglected once people moved to the mega cities. The large highways are more direct, but thieves and such would rob you blind and leave you for dead. Makes me grateful to have Grin with us, although I'm not sure what help she would be. Anyway, we should be heading onward now.