Elspeth 13
Series Name Elspeth
Tags Beacons, Elspeth, The Fall
Elspeth 12 - Elspeth 14

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Haven't been able to go on for a day and I got bad news. Boss told me that before the beacon went up, she had Diabetes. I've read about it in textbooks in out Medical History classes, but since I was born after beacons, no one really had it.

Boss said it was the second one, Type 2, and she was needing to start kidney dialysis, where I guess they set you up with machines to clean the gunk out of your blood. She says even if they had Insulin, it wouldn't even help much. Well, I see a total of ZERO dialysis machines out here in the wilderness and I'm a little exasperated. I mean, how could she not tell me? Did she think that If I knew, I wouldn't have gone with her? I don't really know what to think. I'm afraid of what's going to happen and running out of optimism. I really hope we get to a city soon.