Elspeth 16
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Elspeth 15

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Been a few days since my last bit. We were making our way slowly, maybe only 6-7 miles a day. Not feelin very well at all. Sharp pains in my abdomen and chest, vomiting some.

Boss had been real quiet, not even complaining about her failing kidneys and fatigue. Every morning I was afraid to wake up and not be able to get boss up and going.

Well, this morning, she didn't wake up.

I knew something was wrong when I saw her. Grin was laying beside her, trying to press as much of herself onto boss as possible. I felt bad for her, both of them really. It's funny, Boss almost looked like she was still sleeping, curled up on her side and all, but for this coldness about her, this motionlessness. Not that people sound asleep move too much anyway, but you'd get the idea if you were there.


I'm packing up camp now, getting ready to leave. Grin's not moved from boss's side, and I know it'll be hard to take her away.

In books and movies, fallen friends and comrades always get buried. You always got the main character standing above their friend saying "We have to bury him" and then there's this long scene where they have a funeral and some nice workds, as if there's ever time for that. As if there are nice big shovels growing from trees or something. Well, I aint got a shovel and I don't know how much longer I can even last, so I'll just have to cover her up with her blanket and maybe some brush. I know the wild dogs and ravens are gonna eat her flesh and fight over her bones, but the boss I knew is gone.

I'm not sure is souls exist or where we go when there's nothing left, but maybe boss is here now, looking on and wishing me luck. Maybe she'd even be proud.

That's all I ever wanted, really, for boss to say "You did a good job today, Elspeth. I'm proud of you."