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After the first body I responded to, more came. I guess it happened more than I knew, it's just my boss hadn't had me on those calls and the staff doesn't talk about it much.

A couple days ago, we respond to a double.

I had sorta began looking forward to responding to these folks, seeing their peaceful bodies, finally at rest after long lives lived. These people didn't scream and thrown fits, forever traumatized by their broken bodies, waiting out the hours til they mend again. These suicides sat or laid gently, their bowed heads nodded into each other's shoulders. But that's not what I came to write about. The double that my boss and I responded to the other day was a couple of teenagers, not yet 20 years old. I later found out that they were involved in death culture, something that sort of escaped my radar until recently. I had actually mended one a few years ago. These kids clutched themselves with strained looks of determination on their young faces. I shuddered.