Elspeth 5
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The deaths been becoming a lot more common now. Being medics, boss and I aren't called onto the suicides much anymore and the folks in the morgue started doing the pickups and the processing. With a few cities gone down and empty, people are getting scared. Hell, I'm scared even. Boss says there's no reason to jump ship yet, so we might as well sit tight. Weird thing though, she's been snooping round and getting a couple vaccinations for me here and there. We don't really do that in the cities anymore because folks don't get sick, but I do what she says. I've got... Let's see... the Hepatitis one, I think B... and Measles. I think I'll do Tetanus next, and Polio? We'll see. I'm also taking supplements. They're all expired, and I'm not sure what good they'll do besides making my pee look wild but I do what boss says.