Elspeth 6
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Oh man, some things happened yesterday. I don't really know what to think. People've been getting real scared, with all the cities going down and hearing about people dying horrible deaths.

We got a call to respond on the West end, heard it was a single suicide, man shot himself in the head and was dead. Usually the morgue folks do this stuff, like I said, but they had their hands tied and boss and I were free. On the way, boss was telling me about her new pup, a little Cane Corso name Grin. She and Grin had finally learned to shake, something that she had been working on for a few days.

We got to the apartment complex. Looked like the guy probably worked in PR at some corporate office or some other mid level profession. He was facedown on his kitchen floor, which I thought was an odd place to do it. Most people like the couch or the bed, somewhere comfortable. The fella was probably nervous, pacing around his place until he just snapped and decided to do it.

We rolled him over, got out the stretcher and bag. As we were positioning him in the bag and getting his legs inside, he coughed and gasped, his eyes popping open for a moment. I screamed and clutched at my chest, and he went quiet long enough for me to say "What should we do? Should I-" and in that moment, my boss calmly reached into the bag with the man and clasped her hands around his neck gently until he was dead. Dead for sure. I numbly nodded my head and helped her zip up the bag and hoist everything into the truck. We rode in silence an my boss just dropped me off at my own apartment building, saying I was done for the day. I took a hot shower and fell into bed.