Elspeth 8
Series Name Elspeth
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Elspeth 7 - Elspeth 9

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Folks been comin in from other cities. It hasn't been good for us lately. Been working one and a half shifts mostly and sometimes just sleeping at Evergreen. Boss has been telling me to bring some stuff to her house, where her pup can look after the place. The Po have been telling people to lock up tight and stay non-combative towards newcomers, but resources are short and people are scared, so it's been rough.

Boss and I are kept real busy, mostly with injuries people been inflicting on each other. Sometimes its been so bad, and us comin so late to it that there have been losses. And we pretty much have to keep the lights and sirens on non stop to get anywhere.

Yesterday, one of Bellevue's prominent artists, Eleanor Washington, was almost killed by some assassin or something. She was brought to Evergreen by another team since we were on a call in a different part of town. After that, boss has been real quiet. Says it shouldn't be long now.