Elspeth 9
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Well, it's beginning. Life's takin' a turn and I'm not sure where its going. I'm sitting in the response vehicle now, boss is driving, and Grin is standing with her big front paws on the dash, between us, tongue lolling out in front. It's about 6:15 AM. We were sleeping at Evergreen when we woke up with a start. Screaming and panic in the streets and I feel my insides clench something terrible. Boss says "Let's go. Meet me at the truck." Because we were spending so much time at the hospital, Grin was already with us, so I grabbed my bag of things, the dog, and ran to get the truck started.

The rest of the hospital was awake and in a frenzy. Half of the staff were rush in round the place saying things like "I gotta get my kids" and the other half were yelling for people to stay where they were and the patients. Most of the patients that were mobile were up and wandering around, and the bed bound ones were shouting for help and asking what was going on.

I eventually made it to the garage and found our truck, charging. When I turned the corner to get into the driver's side, one of the program directors, I couldn't remember his name, was standing, with his arms crossed, saying "No one is leaving this hospital." I didn't know what to say and not being very good at confronting superiors, I said "Haha, we aren't actually going anywhere! I was just getting my phone, because I left it in the truck!" I could tell he wasn't convinced, especially by the way he glanced at my coat and bag. He started to come towards me, opening his mouth when boss comes round and chucks a can of beets at the back of his head. His stupor is long enough for boss to toss her stuff at me, grab the keys and get into the vehicle. Grin jumps in as she opens the door. I scramble to the passenger side and we're peeling out. The stricken director curses at us we leave the garage.


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The streets are a wreck. Cars are all over the place, honking, hitting each other, and people fill the cracks in-between. Boss turns on the lights and sirens and it eases the way a little. A woman with a child pressed to her chest looks up angrily at me and I mouth "sorry" back. We are heading North to Canada. Who knows if they will let us in and what will happen even if they do.