Food is necessary to combat hunger and and stay alive. There are several types of food:


Mushrooms are a frequently found source of food, growing on the ground. A single patch yields several mushrooms but they are not very satiable as up to several dozens need to be eaten to stop hunger. After a while, mushrooms start to rot and become dangerous to eat, so stockpiling larger amounts than one can eat is inadvisable.


Blackberries and blueberries are found on bushes and little shrubberies respectively which grow all around the the game's world. Like mushrooms, berries are very common and numerous, but they need to be eaten in large amounts and they start to go bad quickly.


Fish can be caught in any body of water using the fishing rod. It takes a while to catch a few (always only one at a time), but they are very satiable: about two fish a day are enough to survive. They also stay edible for several days, making them good back-up food for times when berries and mushrooms are rare.

Raw fish has to be cooked by a fireplace to avoid poisoning.


Meat is gathered from dead deer, foxes and wolves. Like fish, satiability and storage life is high, however it is considerably harder to get since game is seldom and tends to flee or attack upon contact (rarely carrion can be found). This is partially compensated by getting up to two pieces of meat from one carcass.

Raw meat also has to be cooked to be safe for eating.


Honey can be acquired from bee hives which are very rarely found hanging on trees. The dearth of honey is only because the trees they are found on are uncommon, so a tree like the one pictured below is always worth inspecting when found. Bee hives are surrounded by a humming swarm of bees which makes them easier to be noticed when passing them by. To get the honey, shoot down the bee hive with an arrow.

While it does lessen the hunger, the honey's primary use comes from it's special ability to heal wounds instantly. Due to it's rarity, it's advised to hold on to honey until you get injured or run out of other food.


This is what a beehive looks like. They are beige and slightly difficult to see. There are many small bees that fly around them.


  • Fish can be caught indefinitely from the same spot, making it easy to stock up on food.
  • Hunting animals at night is not recommended since it's hard to see/aim and to avoid aggressive animals. There is also a greater chance of confuse a bear or a cougar for harmless prey - a grave mistake to be made.

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