Jaime Tweets 3
LUX Document
Series Name Jaime Tweets
Tags Sennin
Jaime Tweets 2 - Jaime Tweets 4

Transcript Edit

>Query: tags: #JamieLIves #SenninSightings

>Dates returned: July 1 2044 to November 31 2044

M @Exod219 31 July 2044

I've still got hope. #JamieLIves

Inside the Secret @conspiracytocommit 15 September 2044

Cruise to Europe had one J.F. on their logs. #JamieLIves

Fuma Fanclub @JamesFumaForever 6 November 2044

Anyone else still remember our little Jamie? #JamieLIves #FiveYearsGone

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