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-beneficiary who came to town only a few short weeks ago. Here he is putting up one of the walls of the New Christ ministry alongside the joyous members of the Redmond Catholic community. The benefactor, Mr. Jerome Maris, says he simply wants to share a part of himself with any who would sit with him and talk. The opening is slated for-

Exhibit 3: Father Jerome talked about extensively in both Seattle and Victoria about his long migration north. He talked about visiting dozens of towns; of building churches while establishing others. This period has always been a little harder to corroborate. The rapid pace of address changes and constant movement has kept Jerome away from public attention while occluding anything he may have been up to. The only solid piece I could find was this scrap of newspaper supposedly showing Father Jerome building a church in Redmond, Oregon in 1988. It was found in the house of a hoarder who lived nearby, and the collection of newspapers had only recently been set ablaze.