Jerome Cautionary
Jerome Cautionary
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I come to the sermon today humbled. I have struggled, wrestled with Scripture and the Lord as Jacob did, and become Israel. You scholars among us, those who search the Word of God looking for salvation, I will tell you this: we are meant to struggle. But look out into the world that God has made and that we, through his intervention, have changed. Is this for the better? There are those among us now with the will to alter the world and bring others under their sway, and we named them Sennin, we named them as gods. I feel now that we have been arrogant in our findings. We have taken Scripture for granted, as a tool to explain away our desires and to bless our follies. These last few years I've been up late talking to you about the Beacons, about truLight and what it means for God's will. At first I saw it as a way for God to grant us the immeasurable spans of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Old Testament. But now, after so much wrestling, I've come to believe what I first denied.

The other day I was reading the Bible, looking for guidance, when I came upon a passage that felt as if a signpost. John 5:39-40; "you pore over scriptures, believing that in them you can find eternal life, it is these scriptures that testify to me, and yet you refuse to come to me to receive life." I felt as if John himself was talking to me, and saying that in this church I was turning the flock away from God. Eternal life, in the Bible, was always a spiritual concept. To think that the powers of men could recreate it, is an arrogant assumption. I'm sorry to all of you for my faltering, but I have been made unsure about these beacons. I no longer see them as a gift, as a holy power on earth. They could be miracles, but are they from God or Satan? As said in Romans 6:23; For the wage paid by sin is death; the gift freely given by God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Were these beacons not given freely to us? They were, by the hard work of man. But there are those who still die in this city, and I do not believe that all of them were sinners. Many of my flock died in Seattle when the waters swallowed the streets, but they were holy men. I want to invite any of you who are still questioning Alexander Ward to come to me. For once I say - and humbly - I am lost, and in need of guidance. Let us wrestle with the Scripture together. (rest of sermon missing)

Father Jerome, November 2053