Julie 2
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It's happened. The reason we built this place. The reason we left our homes. Turns out it was an earthquake. Part of me thought that nothing would ever be big enough to bring an end to all civilization, but that earthquake hit with such terrible force. I can't even begin to imagine the destruction. When it hit the compound, I was stunned and couldn't hold on to a single thought, luckily Adam was with me and dragged me to the fallout shelter. Everyone was in the shelter just waiting out the aftershocks. Erica came out and reiterated what everyone already knew: the days ahead would be the most dangerous for all of us.


The inevitable fall of civilization is coming and millions of desperate and dying people will burst forth. The council will meet tomorrow and discuss how we will prepare in the coming days, months. Jesus, years. Everything is gonna be different. It makes me think of everything Erica has done for us. She built a home for all of us out here and got us out of the cities in time. Even before the earthquake this place had done so much good for all of us. I felt so free and complete, more so than I ever felt in the cities. Erica has to be over sixty years old by now, but she doesn't look a day over thirty. After all that Erica has done, I know she will see us through whatever is coming.