Letter to Resident
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Resident(s) of 1051 Arcadia Street, Apartment D1403:

In accordance with the Beacon Peace Act and the Citizen Protection Act, this is to serve as both notice of legal action and confirmation of a legal search warrant, as passed before a judge. You are hearby accused of owning, operating, or assisting in the creation of an illegal church or religiously affiliated gathering.

Please vacate premises by noon today for inspection and evidence gathering. At your upcoming trial you may abstain from testimony or plead not guilty. You may have legal aid or representation present, one will not be assigned if you fail to procure a lawyer. It will be required that you provide bodily evidence as well as cell phone GPS data.

The following will be searched:

Residence at 1051 Arcadia Street, River District, Lower Great Victoria, described as an attahed apartment bearing the number D1403.

A 2082 Honda Harbinger, blue, with license plate HRWPM-5217.

A homemade motorcycle of unknown make, with license plate SKCLZ-8412.


Daichi Mori