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I can't get that stench out of my nose, that awful pungent reek of the dead and dying. I need to get out of here, need to get far, far away before I lose my mind here. I mean what would even keep me here at this point? Parents are dead, sister is dead, wife is dead, and the baby...

God, Lewis, get your head out of your ass and stop wallowing. Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to gwt you anywhere. The world is fucked. We all know that. The only hting to do now is try to get the hell out of here and find somewhere safe. Try to find some normal again. Georgia would have wanted that. Assuming there is any normal left out there.

God, Georgia... what happened? How did we let this happen? And to you, you with so much hope in your heart, so much love. I could still see it there in your eyes even as I held you. Even as I watched those thin red lines from your nose and ears grow thicker. Even as you exhaled your last shuddering breath into this world and sucked all the air out of mine.

Now the and I held is cold and gone, not even buried. How could they just let everyone lie there? Where is the dignity in that, I ask? I guess there's not a lot of dignity in bleeding out of every orifice as your organs burst inside you, is there? I guess there's not a lot of dignity in that.

What kills me, just kills me, is that we didn't even live in a beacon city. Little old us, humble old us living in Bellingham, trying to make a go of it the way nature intended. Fuck it. Just fuck everything. There's no justice in this world. No justice in the world where people are falling down dead left and right, where a woman can be bleeding to death on the pavement and no one will even help deliver her child to save it.

Just fuck everything. I'm done.