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Been a month since I even had time to breathe, much less sit down. Is this what raising kids used to be like?

Somehow I doubt it.

They run me through the ringer. But I guess now I won't have to do it alone. We found some people, a small town, really. Over on the peninsula, so kinda far from home, but it's nice anyway. Rains a lot more, but maybe that's just the season.

It was sheer dumb luck. Literally stumbled upon the place. I'm happy to say it's not the first time strangers were nice to us, but it's the first time the kids shook their heads when I said maybe we should go. Wasn't just the kids, either.

Woman in charge's name is Sati. Says she grew up a farmer and the silver lining of disaster is that she gets to go back to her roots. Her son Yusef's my age and he was the first one we ran into. There's twenty-odd more living in a literal one-road town near the Sound.

They call it First Landing.

The kids took to it right away, all except Mandy and Tess. Always the difficult ones; those two, though for entirely different reasons. Mandy was suspicious, as usual. Didn't take her long to come around. Tess was harder. Thought we were giving up, though I don't know what on. Maybe she never quite gave up hope that we'd find her parents. She still sulks sometimes but she's made some new friends.


Page Two.

I guess I have, too.

They put us all up in some apartments over the souvenir shop. Gave us the whole building, so everyone has their own beds. Eric and Connie still share.

I've been giving it a lot of thought... I'm going to make First Landing our home. These kids need a home, need more than trudging our way through the wilderness, sleeping in the houses of ghosts. I can give them more.

But not if I can't let go of my own ghosts.

So I'm not going to write anymore. I owe these kids everything I can give them, I owe them everything. And you've gone.

I love you Georgia, and one day maybe I'll find you.