Lewis 2
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I couldn't do it. Of course I couldn't do it, not after everything you went through. Would be mocking your memory. But God, Georgia, I'm just trying so hard and there's nothing to show for it. There's no kindness left out there, not a bit. I actually saw a forty-some year old woman steal canned carrots from a child. A child left crying in the street as her future went running off.

It's bad enough the disease is still killing people, addiction is still killing people. Now we have to worry about each other? After all that? Georgia, how am I supposed to make a life out of this?

No, I still couldn't do it. I miss you so much, but I have to try, right? Don't I?

Maybe it was my fault for thinking we could ever escape the influence of the beacons. Maybe it was my fault for trying to fight the inevitable. So then why am I still here? Is this my punishment?

I'm leaving Bellingham, that much I'm sure of. Packed my bags already, though I don't know it I'll even take them. Probaly get stolen anyway. Not sure where I'm going yet. I don't think anywhere is really safe so I'm not even sure it matters. Might try my hand at wilderness survival. No people dying at my feet in the streets, no... well, no people at all. Doesn't sound half bad right now.

I love you Georgia.

Oh, I named the baby. August. Still don't know if it was a boy or a girl, but August fits either. Your birthday, our anniversary, kid's conception (though you probably shouldn't tell 'em that). Thought it fit. I hope you like it.

Well, time for me to go. Wish me luck. I'm sure I'll need it.