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Leaving is harder than you'd think, all things considered. I ended up taking my bags. Surprise, surprise, right? You always said I packed like a teenage girl, didn't you? Well, what can I say? Maybe it's the Boy Scout in me, 'always be prepared' and all that.

Took me two hours to even leave the house. I just sat there on the stoop, staring at the empty road. Well, empty isn't exactly the word. It's clogged to hell with abandoned cars from when everyone tried to run. Not sure where they thought they were going, though. Empty of life, I guess. No cars flashing by, no honking or engines revving. Nothing. Everyone's gone. Well I think Mr. Johnson's still in his house, but he's the only one. Saw him try to get the mail the other day, poor bastard.

I can't blame him though. I keep hoping for an e-mail, text, letter... something. I guess God probably doesn't let you guys use stuff like that, eh? Ghosts would probably clog up the network. Heh.

Sorry, bad joke.

I kinda like out here in the wild. The quiet was hard to get used to, but now it's kind of peaceful. The animals are acting funny, which I guess isn't totally unexpected. Animals are supposed to sense things, right?

Man... why me, Georgia? Can you tell me? Why me?

I'm such a coward. Too scared to go forward, too scared to back. I guess it doesn't matter. I'll never really leave that place, will I?