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There are nine of them. Mandy is the oldest, then Jerome, Ben, Aaron, Tabitha, Eric and Connie (they're twins), Sean, and little Tess, who's only six. A few are siblings (Eric and Connie, obviously, and then Mandy and Sean). They talk a lot. Not about anything important, most of the time. It took two days to finally figure out why they were out here - they were at camp. Camp Shukson. Never heard of it.

Said they were on a "field trip" (isn't camp just one big field trip, anyway?) and the counselor got a call. Just... just left 'em out here alone. He put Mandy in charge, but Mandy's only thirteen. What does she know about looking after kids or survival? Then again, she did get them this far.

The counselor took the car, said he'd be back in a few hours but we know how that went, don't we? I don't know if he left them out here alone on purpose or if something else happened, but I'm not too inclined to forgive him leaving at all.

Maybe that's hypocritical.

Well anyway, the camp is miles away at least. We're not getting back there anytime soon. They're smart kids, Georgia. They found shelter in come caves and Ben's dad was an herbalist so he knows what's poison and what's safe.

I know they're doing alright, but I can't just leave them here alone, can I?

What if it were August?

You're right, I have to stay. But what in the hell are we going to do? Boy Scouts only taught me so much and that was over a decade ago. Knots and whittling aren't going to do me or them a whole lot of good. Where are we going to go?