Lewis 7
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Shit, Georgia, I don't know what to do. Aaron broke his leg.

Ben told him to climb up higher for some berries and the branch and he fell and man the bleeding was... He's pale as death now and there's just nothing I can do to help him.

God, the wailing...

We splinted it. Well, we tried. Never thought I'd wish for a hospital again, but now... Georgia, I think he's going to die. If it gets infected? He's eight years old.

Built a fire and set him by it. He's got food and water, but that's not enough. Even if he doesn't die it'll heal all wrong and if he can't run or climb out here...

He's losing blood. God Georgia, if I fail these kids...

Worst thing of all is something Eric said. Said at least if he dies, maybe we don't have to be so hungry.

I know one thing. If Aaron dies, we're leaving.