Lewis 8
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We dug a hole in the ground today. Too easy because it was so small. Dug a hole in the ground and put a child in it. I think he lost too much blood. Hell, maybe he gave up. Can't blame him.

I told the kids we're leaving tomorrow. Mandy won't talk to me. Tess won't stop crying. She thinks her parents won't be able to find her now.

There's pressure on my heart that wasn't there before. Maybe we're just falling apart.

I had a dream last night that you lived and you came with me. Trekked over the ridge and saw those kids and a smile cracked wide on your face. Said you saw the future. You brought Mandy around and you cared for Aaron and you taught them how to care for each other. Found a lake with an empty cabin and when the baby came all the kids fought over who got to hold him first. He was a boy.

I need to go pack. Figure out where we're going.

I hope I can leave Death behind in this cave. I can feel him coiled there in the dark. I hope he's satisfied now.