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Learned to avoid the roads by now. Hard to believe the cruelty that's still out there, waiting to prey on the likes of me and these kids. Creeps hunkered down in vans with the sliding doors unlatched so they could snatch us as we walked by. Grabbed little Tess and my stomach jumped right up into my throat. Wasn't food or supplies they wanted either – that stuff's a dime a dozen if you have the stomach to enter a town. Have to wear a mask and not mind climbing over the dead, but that didn't seem the kind of thing to stop these folks.

It was Jeremiah of all people who saved her. Snuck around back and brought a hunk of cinder block down on one guy's head. Gave me time to bull rush the other. Probably shouldn't have hit him so much in front of the kids...

We went south by way of a small river so we'll never have to worry about fresh water.

Travel is uniquely difficult now. There's resources everywhere - we pass farmhouses and towns all the time. Problem is, there's no way to know what we'll find inside.

At first we just passed 'em on by. Picked berries and tried trapping, but it wasn't enough. The longer we went, the more I kept thinking about Aaron and how maybe I could have saved him if I'd just had some medicine.

Mandy and I worked out a system. Oh, Georgia, you'd like Mandy. She's wry and wary, but so warm with the other kids. Not your typical mother hen, but they do love her. She scopes the place out first. She's faster and quieter than I could be, always in and out in less than ten minutes.

She also knows the signs. The smell. I hate that she had to learn it, but she did. If she smells it, I go in alone.


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If it looks safe, I clear it first. Every room, every closet, under every bed... just in case. Then the kids can come inside.

They get what they want, that they can carry. No use trying to convince them to leave a new toy or hat behind. They just throw fits and end up dropping it half a mile away after carrying it gets tedious, anyway. Sometimes we stay a night or two.

We never go into towns.

You know, Georgia, I'm not even sure what we're looking for. Been going for two weeks, maybe? Hard to tell nowadays. I just know we can't stop, not yet.

I can't stop for you, for Kaye, for Aaron. Can't stop for Autumn.

My mind still wanders to Mr. Johnson sometimes, would you believe that?