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Seven years since my grandfather died. I went to visit his grave, but each year it faded back into the earth a little more. Dame Maya told me every year that it was as it was meant to be, that one day everything would return to the soil. My head knew her words for truth, but my heart was harder to convince. Every day I lost a little bit of his face. One freckle went, then a scar. One day I won't know him from a shadow.

Sigil asked me why I'm sad and it pained me that she never knew him. I bent down before her and said Sigil, baby, I'm sad because on this day, a long time ago - before you were born, baby, your great-great-grandfather Lewis died.

Her eyes drooped and her shoulders fell, and I had to place my hand under her chin just so she'd look at me. It's alright, baby girl. Did I ever tell you the story of how our family came to be at First Landing?

She shook her head. But then her father walked through the door to my little cabin, eyes burning ice. He blew out air and smiled then he saw little Sigil. There you are! You can't go running off like that, little one.

It's alright, she was with me the whole time.

Please, mother, tell me next time before you go running off with my daughter.

That's hardly-

Wait, daddy, Gamma Lumin was-

No time, baby girl. Dame Maya is about to hold solstice.

Sigil's eyes went wide then, and she looked back, and forth between me and my oldest son. August, her father, I heaved myself up out of my chair, pressing my fingers into the knotted ash wood as I pushed off the armrest.

Don't worry child. I will tell you after the speech.

I took her miniature hand in mine and we followed her father out the door.