Lumin 13
Series Name Lumin
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Lumin 12 - Lumin 14

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I never said goodbye to Pyrrha. I realized too late, as the crowd forced us to leave mere minutes after Anshor made his proclamation. I will never see her face again. I will never see First Landing again, the birthplace of my family. I will never again visit my grandfather's grave.

We traveled as far as we could manage with two children in tow. The little boy's name is Gabrial. He is quite a noisemaker, that child, and would hardly rest his lungs until we were camped.

Our journey will not be a comfortable one. We were able to roll our feather mattresses and bring them with us, but we had no cloth for tents and only our bags for pillows. Anshor built a fire. He was a hunter at First Landing, one of the few to ever venture outside of town. He will keep us fed and moving.


Yes, Anshor?

Thank you.

You are my baby boy. As long as you live, you will be my baby boy. I will never stop protecting you.