Lumin 14
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I think Peony was beginning to think she had made a terrible mistake by the time we reached the place called Mission Biotech. The world, we found, was not so hospitable outside of First Landing, and every bit as unpopulated as Dame Maya had said it would be. We didn't encounter a soul until we reached the hollowed-out crust of the Mission Biotech complex.

In all my life, I had never seen anything like it. I had never heard of anything like it, never read about it in First Landing's extensive library or databanks. Crystals grew from the ground like plants, and the wildlife was out of a fantasy novel.

And there was a man living there. He was old, older then me. His name was Hugh Brygger, and he said he had been living there alone for two years. He also said we could stay.

Gamma Lumin, I'm tired of walking.

I know, baby girl. But I don't think we have to anymore. Not for a while.


Page Two.

Hugh told me that he was a researcher from southern Oregon and that he was tasked with recovering the usable data from Mission Biotech so that his town could genetically modify meat. Then he had to explain to me that Mission Biotech used to make billions of dollars creating and selling genetically modified plants and animals.

He said he was surprised to see anyone in Washington. I thought it was all but abandoned after The Fall. Almost everyone who survived just... left. Said it was cursed or something.

Maybe it is cursed. Even after all those years.

I did look into the data logs that Hugh had collected. Only a few remained, most were damaged beyond recovery by years of disuse. What I did find indicated that Mission Biotech had been shut down after years of lawsuits lobbed against them finally reached a climax when a competitor sued for something called patent infringement. The lawsuit was never resolved, but The Fall happened shortly after, and everything Mission Biotech had created was set loose on the world.

Yes, I think cursed is a good word as any.