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Your great-great-great-grandmother was called Tess Dyer, and she came here with Lewis of The Founders when she was your age. Did Benny teach you about Lewis of The Founders in school?

She shook her head and a wisp of strawberry blond stuck in her eyelashes. I reached forward to push it aside and continued. Lewis wasn't really one of The Founders because he arrived after Sati and the others had already built the first cabins, the ones in the very center of town. Do you know why they call him of The Founders?

She shook her head again.

Well, Sigil, Lewis was one of the most important people in First Landing back when it was just starting out. He raised eight children, he used his own cabin as the schoolhouse - it's the one Benny lives and works in today, and he helped Sati and the other Founders write the Constitution.

Her eyes went wide, though she hadn't been taught about the Constitution in school yet. Of course, even the youngest child knew what it was, however vaguely.

That's right. He was a very important man. And he raised Tess and all of her brothers and sisters. That's why she named your great-great-grandfather after him.

Is that why Lewis Lewis is named Lewis, too?

Yes, baby girl. Your cousin is named after both of them.

Am I named after someone?

No, baby girl. Your name is just for you.