Lumin 5
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I couldn't stop thinking about my grandfather. I felt connection to the man who raised me in the very structures of First Landing. His wrinkles lived in the woodgrain of the cabins, and his thin white hair blew in the grass beneath my feet. The treebark was the leathered skin on his palms, the callouses on his fingertips.

I saw him everywhere. I saw his bright patterned clothing in the market canopies and his deer hide shoes in the leather stretched taut on Pyrrha's ceremonial drum. My grandfather lived in the lines and colors of First Landing. His whispers were the wind.

Six and a half years prior this would have brought me comfort. There were many ways in which it still did. But my grandfather and his mother and her surrogate father built the structures of this town to house a future they could believe in.

I think all of this was because of Sigil. My fear of losing my children was crippling, but only since Sigil was born had I begun to truly understand the wrongness that had been growing in First Landing since my mother was her age. My whole family rested in the buildings, and the bushes and the sky, but I feared my feared my future did not. I feared that I realized it too late.

I feared that when I died and returned to the soil, I wouldn't rejoin my grandfather and my mother and my father and Tess and Lewis of The Founders, because I would have had to build structures of my own to house the future of my family.