Lumin 6
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Lumin 5 - Lumin 7

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What do you mean, leave First Landing? Where would we go?

I don't know, but with my grandfather gone and after all of the loss I've faced... I'd rather take the risk out there than the risk in here. What if she chooses Hanna?

She... she won't choose Hanna. She can't choose Hanna, can she?

That's what my mother thought about my father. He was still chosen. And because of that, I never knew my parents. Sigil will be of age in a few years. It would tear August apart if she were chosen. I can't lose them, too. Benny.

But we don't know what's out there, Lumin. We don't know if there is anything out there.

Of course there is something out there. There is a whole world out there.

Have you spoken to your kids about it?

August and Anshor, yes. Pyrrha will be... I'm not sure she will be willing. Just talk to Hanna about it, please.