MB Mary
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MB Pet Pamphlet

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Eccentric, enigmatic, willing - these are words I might use to describe such a place as this. I think I belong here, for a time. As much as I could, I needn't a home, plainly, but if it would bring me pleasure to observe these supernatural oddities which I so relate to, as I believe it would, then perhaps by some measure I ought to remain + fulfill my own self.

The most tremendous of the beasts are also the most unearthly, the least imaginable + the least possible, and already they can be seen to be failing. Bred to kill + not to live, it is at least merciful that they refuse to exact their sreator's purpose on the others. Too many eyes, too many teeth, too many limbs and muscles. Too many creatures and not enough foresight.

I don't suppose there's a normal left alive in this place, though perhaps there could be. I can sense the deepstone arrays that must have stood in for beacon for the workers here, deep in some catacomb, and can imagine ragged-minded normals hunched around them as if for warmth. I wonder how well the location + even existence of this place wasknown to the average Olympian. Whether, when it fell, the hordes swarmed this haven lush with ever-fertile food sources, the slowest + fleshiest livestock, or whether they passed it by untouched on their way to nowhere.

I've walked the lands these bright + bloody years, and few survive except those hidden away and forgotten.