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By Lorenzia Henner - Staff Reporter

Seattle citizens mourn in the wake of the October 19th "Mega-Thrust Earthquake," which kille an estimated 750,000 Washington residents, 350,000 of whom lived in the greater Seattle area. The total death toll of the quake was 1.5 million, impacting cities and towns in every corner of the Pacific Northwest.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Blake Rivers from the Army Corps of Engineers doesn't think the metropolis will be able to recover. "Too much damage has been done. Half the city is underwater, the waterfront doesn't exist anymore, and over *cut* of the population is gone." Rivers *cut* His sentiments are echeod by Eileen *cut* -ery, a spokesperson for the *cut* "Only time *cut*

East Seattle resident Emily Bronstein *cut* not so lucky. "I just remember hearing *cut* low rumble, like a train was passing *cut* Then the ground started to shake *cut* remembered what I'd been taught in s- *cut* to crouch next to something tall *cut* sturdy."

Bronstein escaped with minor injuries *cut* she says she is ready to say goodbye to *cut* home city. "I've lost too much here," *cut* said. "My home, my friends, they're *cut* gone."

Montgomery reported similar feeli- *cut* many concerned citizens, though *cut* even more were hesitant to give *cut* easily, So many people have been *cut* in, telling us that we can't just *cut* them to leave. They're right, we can't *cut*

"We don't have the money to build a city *cut* from the ground-up," said Geraldie Hilde- *cut* in a statement to the press. A similar *cut* statement was made in a speech from *cut* Governor early Wednesday morning *cut* "The State of *cut* everything *cut*