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James Moncada III

James Moncada III, 45, of Port Angeles passed away September 21, 2052. James came from a family with a rich history of power and influence in the pacific northwest. And with the influence and power of his family James was a positive force in his community and in the lives of everyone he met.

Immediately following the Great Quake a 24 year old James jumped head first into the relief and recovery effort. Then in the months that followed he established a company to oversee houseing and job relief for survivors. And in the years after James worked extensively to rebuild and relocate the displaced. He is still remembered in the thoughts and prayers of the countless families he has helped.

In the decade following the Great Quake James worked tirelessly to rebuild and expand homes, business, and communities of Port Angeles. His companies' energies also expanded to projects such as building the national image of Port Angeles and reaching out to the sennin in an attempt to attract them to settle in Port Angeles.

After the beacons were installed the people of Port Angeles began a prolonged migration. Meanwhile James left to join the brilliant minds gathering in Bellevue. James spent several years in Bellevue then suddenly dropped off the grid. No one really knows why he left, or where exactly he went, but it was clear when he returned to Bellevue a month later that he had spent time outside the beacons.

James came back changed and not just from the truLight withdrawal. He was withdrawing from his colleages and seemed to be sinking into a depression. James was also stubbornly unwilling to discuss where he had gone. And as it became clear that his truLight withdrawal had led to fatal damage to his body, James began to engage in deranged behavior. He talked about seeing his estranged wife again and moving back to Port Angeles. His condition continued to deteriorate until he finally passed away. The funeral of James Moncada III was attended by thousands who still remember all the good he has done. He will also be remembered as one of the few people who have died while residing in a beacon city.

James is survived by his brother and his estranged wife. And true to his character James divided his estate equally between his brother, wife, and the Radiant Future Foundation.

In accordance with his last wishes James will be laid to rest in his old home in Port Angeles. James' brother has stated that he intends to erect a monument over James' grave which will look over the city.