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Dear Mr. Moncada:

Thank you for applying to the University of Washington School of Medicine for the year of 2034-35. Upon review of your application it is clear that you possess a strong technical skill in the fields of science and math along with a commendable passion for medicine. Despite these impressive qualities we regret to inform you that because of the high volume of applications and relatively small number of openings we will be unable to offer you a position in the class of 2034-35.

We appreciate your interest in the University of Washington School of Medicine and commend your accomplishments thus far. Unfortunately we will not be hearing any appeals to this decision again due to the large number of applications. If you wish to apply again next year for the class of 2035-36 we encourage you to meet with one of our admissions advisers at the Admissions Office to assist you in honing your application.

Again we are sorry that we were unable to offer you a position at he School of Medicine, but we wish you the best of luck in all your future pursuits.

Best Wishes,

Veronica Eklundsdotter

Head of Pharmacology

Chairmen of Admissions Committee