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In the Year Two-Thousand Sixty-Two, the Great Prophet Mori forewarned President Langley of the cultists who would harm him. The vile assasins and their compatriots were captured only moments before they were to set to blow up the motorcade, and in his vision, Our Prophet Mori recieved the praise of the American people and the esteem of the world.


Page Two.

In the Year Two-Thousand Sixty-Two,shortly after warning President Langley, Our Prophet slipped into a long trance. In his Agony, he saw a line of fire engulfing a hundred cities. He saw pools of blood and demons rising from the Dark Places of the Earth. This was to be his longest trance and most prophetic Vision. The World, in it's ignorance, could not decipher it. We know it now to be the burning of cities in the Beacon Riots and the rise of the depraved Cultists.