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The Abatement of Senescence of Non-Human Living Organisms as a Result of truLight Exposure - Conclusion

Our research, then, has proven only one point about the interaction between Beacons, truLight, and animal life: there is no provable correlation, nor a logical structure. truLight works universally among humans. Regardless of genetic makeup or chromosomal mutation, all subjects experienced a significant increase in logevity, as well as a decrease in the recovery time in damaged cells. Unfortunately, in animals this longevity is either absent or sporadic.

As our data has shown, smaller animals, specifically those with short lifespans (i.e. house cats, dogs, and birds) saw an approximate 35% increase in lifespan (observed in small-breed dogs as an increase of expected lifespan from 14 years to nearly 20 on average, in cats as 18 instead of 13, in birds the increase in lifespan has yet to be verified but older birds who are past their "expected" date are still alive and showing cellular health at juvenile levels). There was also a significant and similar decrease in all signs of ageing (expressed through the relative health of cells inside the body). There also followed a noticeable decrease in all diseases and disease related deaths. Indeed, all animals a part of this test that died did so from sudden and inexplicable organ failure.

However, the results in anything smaller were harder to categorize. No clear trend could be established. Many viruses became more virulent under truLight exposure, nearly as many simply reproduced and divided at an accelerated rate. In some cases, the bacteria or virus simply died on exposure. The selection of thriving microbes vs. declining microbes appeared random. Neither type nor classification were common factors.

Finally, some organisms showed effects that were either counter-intuitive or paradoxical in effect. Fish, for instance, were in no way affected by either truLight or Deepstone energy. Senescence, overall health, and susceptibility to diseases were neither inhibited not accelerated. Turtles, on the other hand, reacted unfavorably to the truLight exposure. Most subjects, once exposed, immediately contracted an illness or affliction; many subjects developed cancerous growths or cellular mutation. Their immune systems, measured through white blood cell count and activity were severly dampened. In some cases they even showed susceptibility to diseases which were previously only infection to humans.