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*torn* and my grandfather before him... the America I pay homage to with my flag and in my heart isn't in Bellevue or Olympia. [wait for applause]

The America I'm from doesn't trade its freedom for security. We live rich, meaningful lives. We live and die by our convictions. And my conviction, our conviction, was to start Oldtown, to separate ourselves from all this garbage and start fresh... to start fresh by hearkening back to better times, with better values, and better people.

Oldtown believes in free trade. We don't tax or restrict, don't limit business. Never will your property rights be violated by the Oldtown government. And we don't feel too kindly about malingerers and hangers-on, no we certainly do not. But don't you worry, everyone has a job in our town. Yes, that's right. I'm promising you all jobs, not like this ratty city what promises and gives you nothing.

Oldtown believes in freedom of religion. We're a stone free settlement, with none of that forced medication, judgement-fearing deviltech. Rather than a mayor who sticks his grubby hands in our personal business, we elect to be governed by a Father, a spiritual leader, who leads us through congregation each Sunday.

Oldtown believes in tradition. Never again will your poor wives be made to work long hours, and never again will you find yourself forced into the kitchen, am I right, gents? [wait for laughs] Family is important, it's the glue that holds society together, that holds human dignity together.

But more importantly than all that (because children are the future, are they not?), Oldtown believes in freeing our children from the burden of the deviltech. Worry not that promises of immortality will lead your little lambs astray. No such promises will be uttered in Oldtown. We will live like the best of our elders, and raise our children to do the same. So head East with me, towards the rising sun, towards that great beautiful mountain that looks down on us all. We will start society anew *tear* modernity festers, and we will live in the city of God.

[wait for applause, thank, open for questions]