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Terra Dunn

4 hours ago

Went down to the NYC pits, under Red Hook. Shit was necro. Visiting the city, friend took me down said I had to see what they had going on. Never seen anything like it. First off the people, totally crowded except this roped off square area and the bar in the corner. Got offered a few hits of Morph from some scuzz by the bathrooms, said no of course.I heard what that shit does especially when you buy it in places like this. Before I even sat down saw some Troops all decked out in their blade tags but didn't go say hi, left mine back home and was only wearing drone clothes. But anyways, the fucking fights.

First off was just some hand to hand, a huge MMA vet vs. this jacker fresh off his first shock box circuit, the fresh meat went down hard. Face to the concrete. Pretty sure I saw some bone, vicious. Second one was where it's at though. Some roided freak eyes red with some chem shit came in and they lowered the floor Once it was down about ten feet they let in a straight cougar. Not any kinda starved dog or anything small, nothing weak like back home. Dude lost of course, the thing got at his neck and they had to wrangle it away before he actually got killed. How badass what that've been? I've heard stories. Last off was these two thin guys, in it for the fun or whatever. They were given knives, first to ten wounds I guess. But the red-haired one threw one at his opponent, missed and cut my cheek open. Bet I'm getting a sick scar from that. Thought they banned projectiles but maybe New York is different. Gotta say though, if you are ever around there ask someone who might know a way in. I was blindfolded and let down an alley, Salve had to give them a password.


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Still a little jacked from watching it but I can't wait to get back home. Maybe I'll try the Philly pits out if I get the chance. Wonder if they go easy on newbies?