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[92.3 - The Pulse - Final Broadcast]

I don't mean to sound rude, I really don't. But it's like any natural disaster, from any old hurricane to the flooding that hit the east a few years back. Only difference is more people died this time. But why should we mourn them? They either played tricks with crude human science, or they made a deal with something dark. This is their payment. Here in Westport we plan to keep fishing, keep repairing our houses. We've got electricity for now, plenty of water and filtration, sewage and pipelines. It finally feels like our time here on Earth. Meek inheriting and all that. We sat in our homes and watched the news, read the Daily Pulse, checked the feeds, the vids, the radio. All we heard was the same: these big cities, overcrowded but filled with wonder. Like a glowing golden garbage dump. What else did they expect, building their monoliths to the sky then trying to live in them? We all know what happened to the Tower of Babel even if we weren't raised religious.


Anyways, had a few friends hiking up in Olympus saying they saw a big green fireball come out of Olympia. Imagined they could hear the screams from there. Waht else can you do in the face of armageddon> We just shrugged and moved on. That doesn't make us bad people, just honest, just tired with the last few decades. Folks from the city comin' by here, gawking at our hospitals, leering at our cemetaries. Like they'd never seen nothing like it. Talked to a group of them once, said they had hospitals but it was just recovery, nothing like our coma patients or the guy in the locked room with something contagious. Nothing like people bleeding out slow, agony the whole way. Worst part is cars started pourin' out of Olympia when it all went down. We're just lucky none of them got this far.