Smugglers Note
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Tags Beacons, Jerome

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This document to be incinerated after memorization, do not reveal any of this information to any of your workers. Keep as many details obscured as possible.

Ward hasn't got much reach outside of Victoria, and all our intelligence reports claim he wasn't clever enough to set up a base outside the city, so all his forces can only move in small bursts. If you keep moving you will be safe.

To the captain helping us: you can leave from Bellingham but Sandy Point seems a little more secluded. We have small outposts on Matia, Shipjack, and Satellite if you need supplies or if you need to keep a cache of fuel. Keep the route varied. The main camp is on Moresby for the pick up and drop off. We'll move goods from there to Swarts if you aren't willing to get too close to the Beacons. Our outposts will know your signal but if you feel unsafe any of the other islands will do, just make sure they are wooded. Avoid the islands with airports. Lummi, Stuart, and Waldron are sure to have spies working for Ward.

If anything goes wrong, sink your ship. We'll buy you a new one. Be quick, be safe. You will be rewarded for all your help, we promise.

-Jerome's Faithful