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March, 2048

We have been living in a small cramped three bedroom apartment in Olympia for several months now. Hopefully the girls don't mind too much, they had so much room to grow at our old house compared to our new home. The city is so very different from Dayton, there are entire districts that are still damaged from the earthquake; building that were built before the quake all show signs of structural stress and large cracks in the foundation. It is odd to think that the capital building of the state is here and that it is behind a large wall. I heard that crime was high and it was needed to protect our state's government. The beacon is also behind wall, it stands high over the wall and gives off a green aura that constantly alters the sky. In the evening we must close our shades or Emily can't get any sleep. However, the beacon is a blessing because Emily is showing signs of growing stronger. Grace and Hannah love the city and all the excitement it brings. I worry because Olympia seems so much more dangerous than back home, and there are always sirens.