Survivor 2
Series Name Survivor
Tags The Fall, Sennin
Survivor 1

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May 15th 2142,

I woke up and everyone was gone. There were some kids up on the overpass looking at me so I took the broken rails south rather then risking crossing the old campus towards the freeway. It came to me that my only option now was hoping Bellevue was still around. The pain in my chest, especially when I coughed, was getting worse. But beyond that was this stinging sensation. I realized the smalls nicks and cuts along my hands and arms weren't scabbing over. I made it to Fairhaven before the darkness started. Then my nose started bleeding and I passed out.

A hand took mine and brought me back up. There was a Sennin woman crouched over me and she was holding my hand. Told me her name was Kate. She said if I held her hand and walked with her she could keep me alive. We walked on for awhile in silence.

We went through an abandoned part of Fairhaven towards the freeway. As the sun started going down she turned to me.

We aren't going to Bellevue, she said, the whole city is empty now. There aren't many cities left, and they are all out east. I'll take you to the city that let me in, it's where Michigan used to be, they call themselves The Cradle.

My hands were already trembling, already sweating but Kate didn't seem to mind. She told me Sennin don't need to sleep so she can keep watch for me. One of her gifts is to attract small animals, so food won't be a problem. I'm scared, I haven't been out of Victoria for a long time, I wonder if the world is still out there, if there is anything left.


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