Swamps are specific locals on the main Eidolon map. There are about three swamps spread across the map in which the player will spawn every time they die, healing all injuries and hunger immediately at the time they touch the mud. On the Start Map, each swamp is is visible as a cluster of asterisks/stars.

Each swamp may have slight visual differences, but all feature dissipating glowing white orbs a very tall type of tree that is distinguishable above the tree line if viewed aerially or from a watchtower. These trees have roots that are partially above-ground and with many visible branches stretching into the crown of the tree. One of the swamps also features what looks like clusters of small white mushrooms or flowers.

Eidolon another swamp
Swamp 6
Swamp 3
Swamp 5
Swamp 2
Swamp 4
Swamp 1

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