Howdy, I was watching KurtJMac's playthrough of this game and wanted to find out more about the world. Found this wiki. Had a couple ideas to make such an endeavor a little bit easier...

I'm working on a template that we could put on the pages for the documents. A couple features I'm hoping to incorporate into the template are:
  • The name(s) of the series that the document belongs to and...
  • Prev/Next buttons so that a series of documents can be explored without having to go back and forth on the big ol' list page.
  • A list of what tabs a given document has in-game. You could click on a tab-name to go to a category that gives you a list of all documents with that tab.
  • A space for and image of the document, of course.
  • A link to a timeline of events that really ought to exist. Which leads me to...
The wiki really needs to have an easily accessible timeline of events in the Eidolon universe, not to mention pages about truStone and truLight and Beacons and Senin, etc., that consolidate the information about such topics so that someone looking to understand all the pieces they've been getting can get a complete overview. Some Nav Templates to go along with those (tools, people, cities...) would also be useful. Zox Tomana (talk) 01:31, April 3, 2016 (UTC)

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