There is a total of 5 tools in Eidolon:

LUX Edit

The LUX is a partially transparent, futuristic looking device. It's used to get a reading on the player's health and watch pictures as well as some documents found throughout the game. It's the only tool the player has at the beginning of the game.

Fishing rod Edit

The fishing rod is used to get fish from lakes and rivers. Simply cast it in the water and wait until a fish starts pulling on it. It is found next to a lake.

Compass Edit

The compass is used for orientation, mostly in combination with the maps, with the needle pointing to the north and 24 equal subdivisions for more precise directions. It is found out in the wild.

Bow and Arrow Edit

With the bow you can shoot arrows to hunt animals. It can also be used to gather artifacts. The player seems to have an infinite supply of arrows.

Binoculars Edit

Binoculars are used for scouting ahead for animals, orbs or landmarks. You can zoom in and out with the mousewheel. They are found on the top of a watchtower.

Notes Edit

  • The tools have several spawn locations, so don't worry if you pass some of them up.
  • In fact, some of the orbs can be only be gathered with bow and arrow due to them being high up in the air or far out over a lake.

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