Trapper 3
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Journal belonging to the Trapper Marceau

Today is reckoned to be the 12th day of the 9th month of year 2215.

I made it down by way of Rattlesnake. Kept getting a feeling of being watched while I slept. Starting to feel that the beasts that have sway here aren't natural. Maybe twisted by the old misfortune, maybe twisted by the old people that lived here. Got all the way to Morse before I saw the warning signs. I near ran out after that. Not willing to put myself in that much danger. Luky for me though. Cut down the valley to the old Resevoir, found a small settlement on the mouth of the Green River. Gave the people three pelts and some old mementos from home and they gave me a place to sleep and some food. Said in the morning they'd give me a ride down the river, still got a few boats floating from before. A few days later I'm there at the end where Green River becomes a bunch of creeks twisting through the mountains. My new friend, Palder, told me to keep on a south-east sorta track, go through these shallow canyons, Looks like I'm staying low til I get to Ellensburg, then back on the old stoneway east. Maybe home sooner than I thought.


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